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2nd Annual Widgets Contest: Please Vote!

Please take a moment to read the six student entries below and vote on the one that you think is the best overall.

The winner will be announced on July 25th, and will receive the top prize of an iPod Touch, courtesy of Pearson-Kirihara. Each of the other finalists will receive a 5th Edition DVD-ROM Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. We will announce the names of the winner and the runners-up at that time.

For the sake of clarity, we have typed out the text from each student’s submitted proposal form. We may have corrected minor spelling, punctuation and capitalization mistakes, but by and large we did not edit the students’ words.

When judging the best product proposal, try to consider the following criteria:


1. Is the idea clear? In other words, can you understand what the product is supposed to do? Is the language, while maybe not perfect, comprehensible enough–maybe even persuasive?

2. Is the idea original? Have you seen or heard of something like it before? Variations on existing ideas are okay–clear rip-offs are not!

3. Would the idea be possible to produce given today’s technology? We would all like to own a teleportation device. But if it sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it is.

Other considerations are up to you, but could include: how overall attractive, safe, useful, or interesting the product is. Remember, it doesn’t need to appeal to everyone’s taste for it to be a good idea.

The following is not in any particular order. After you have chosen your favourite, please follow the link to vote (below, after the last submission).


Battery pencil box

This product is called “the battery pencil box”. If you have this product, you won’t be concerned about running out of your cell phone’s power. This product is great for people who use a pencil box and electric products like a cell phone. For example, a student, teacher, businessman, and so on. It looks like a pencil box. But in fact, it’s covered with the latest solar panels, equipped with an outlet, and with a handle. Especially, this product can generate electric power by turning handle. First, please do steps 1-3. Second, let’s turn! So this product can supply electric power with your cell phone, like “Hey, I’ll help you. So never give up!!” or “Please turn my handle, and you can cheer up!!” This is how it works, isn’t it? It’s very useful, easy to use and light. I’m sure this product will soon become a mega-hit item around the world.




Water checker

Have your plants ever died because you forget to give water or give too much water to them? Plants have to have a suitable amount of water. To use it, register the kind of plants with software and put this checker in the flowerpot. This checker measures the quantity of water in the flowerpot and indicates it in five colorful graduations. Plus, it has a solar battery. It can run with room light. That means you don’t need a battery! You should buy this. You don’t have to worry about killing off your plants for the rest of your life.






Bicycle with winker

This product is great for everyone who is riding a bicycle. As you can see, it looks like a normal bicycle. But in fact, “winker” is attached to this bicycle. “Winker” is one of the equipments used in cars and it is the sign to turn a corner. If you turn the corner on the street with this bicycle, you can push the button on the handle and the winker on the edge of the handle turns on and off. Therefore, people on the street can recognize which direction you will go, so they can pay attention. I think that this product will be helpful for decreasing a lot of traffic accidents. You will have a good cycling time with more bicycle safety.




Baggage support

Does your baggage feel heavy when you stand on the train? Your problem will go away with the baggage supporter! First, you throw a thin board into your baggage. Second, you attach this product with a strong magnet under the baggage. As a result, two boards are secured by the magnet. And then you push a remote control button and a pole comes out from the inside. As a result, this product becomes your support and the bag doesn’t feel heavy!






Earth Walker

First of all, I have a question. Have you ever felt that you want to visit a lot of places in this world instantly? Well, it is so expensive and needs a lot of time! Believe me! This product is great for anyone who dreams of walking freely on the earth.

Now let me tell you what it’s like. As you can see, it looks like a pair of ordinary sunglasses, but it reflects a full-fledged vision of this world. To use it, call the names of places that you want to visit with Earth Walker. Earth Walker has a microphone, so it can catch your voice and lead you to your destination. When you arrive at your destination, you can walk around there as usual. In addition, there is a free application that provides the current information of world’s places on the internet. To update information, you just connect Earth Walker with your PC.

You should buy this! This is a ground-breaking product and easy to use.


Searching Bird

Have you had the experience where you’ve lost something in your room? But, if you have the Searching Bird you can get away from these problems. There are 6 colors: Yellow, brown, blue, black, white and green. If you want to search for something, first please take a picture with the camera, then the bird will fly to the lost thing.












  1. Anne wrote:

    Great ideas, pictures, explanations. I like the simple elegance of the bicycle winkers best. Where can I order some? ;-)

    Monday, July 18, 2011 at 04:57 | Permalink
  2. Lottie wrote:

    People using earth walkers would be crashing into things all the time!

    I can use google map to see streets all over the world.

    Why do I need a water checker? Mother nature already has this facility. Leaves droop when thirsty. The soil lightens in colour with dryness.

    Friday, July 22, 2011 at 12:36 | Permalink
  3. MBenevides wrote:

    Thanks for the comment, Lottie.

    I agree that some of these ideas have drawbacks, but actually, that’s part of what makes these interesting tasks to do in class: Students must persuade each other that their idea is worthwhile!


    Friday, July 22, 2011 at 14:10 | Permalink
  4. MBenevides wrote:

    Thank you for voting, Ann, and sorry for my delay in approving your comment. It got sent to the spam filter for some reason!


    Monday, July 25, 2011 at 09:50 | Permalink